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* Esophagectomy,Gastrectomy,Small intesting and

Colon Excision Operation,Rectum low antrior resection

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* General Surgery, Chest Surgery,Gynecology
and the parenchyma Excision,transection,reforger and anastomose of pediatric Operation.


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Skin Stapler

Disposable Trocar(5mm.10mm.12mm)


These are Used for celioscope operation. It is one of the most important appliance used for celioscope operation. It is composed by core and bushing scabbard, paying attention to safety and practicability. Its main features are as follows: 1 disposable, avoiding cross infection effectly; 2 with jacket protector on the head of puncture needle, preventing viscera from injuring effectly; 3 keeping gas tight, chenged the sealed cap it will be suitable for kinds of operation implements with different diameter, with carbon dioxide adapter, used conveniently and easily; 4 Designed individually shaped in screw with camber section, which will keep the trocar steady, Also providing little resistance, making sure the operation going with a swing.



Disposable Trocar 5mm ,10mm (With Protection/Safeguard)


Disposable Trocar 5mm ,10mm (Without Protection/Safeguard)


Disposable Trocar 12mm (Without Protection/Safeguard)