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Skin Stapler

Disposable Skin Stapler &Remover


Operating Room, Labor and Delivery, Emergency Department, Outpatient Surgery , Clinics and physician's office




Skin staplers are modern products used for skin closure after surgical procedures. They are used in various surgical interventions like general surgery, obstetric, gynaecology, orthopedics, urology, thoracic, cardiac and plastic surgery.

Due to variety of versions the most suitable product can be used in the specific surgical situation.

 Skin staplers offered by Toptree may be loaded with 5 types of staples (standard, wide and high). Each stapler can contain 15, 25, 35 ,45, 55 staples.Staples can be removed by special remover.


Skin Stapler Features

1.Simple and reasonable design, easy to operate

2.Small stitched wound ,avoid injury to epidermal tissue again and good for wound healing

3.Smooth stitched wound and small scar after operation

4.Shorten time for operaton and decrease the pain for patients

5.Disposable Steriled Products, Cheap and avoid the cross infection of many contagious diseases.

Skin Stapler Specifications:

Stapler type: 35W
Wire diameter: 0.50mm, 0.60mm
Size after closure: 7.0 x 4.5mm


Remover: HDS-CW


Skin Stapler Packing :

Skin Saplers Packing:  10pcs/box, 10 boxes/ctn, 100pcs/ctn

Carton dimensions: 75.2 x 40.5 x 27.0cm

G.W.: 9.56kg           N.W .: 7.0kg

Remover Appliance Packing:  30pcs/box, 10 boxes/ctn, 300pcs/ctn

Carton dimensions: 75.2 x 40.5 x 27.0cm

G.W.:8.56kg            N.W.:6kg


Model No
Stainless Steel