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* Esophagectomy,Gastrectomy,Small intesting and

Colon Excision Operation,Rectum low antrior resection

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Surgical Staplers-Circular Stapler


Circular Stapler is suitable for Esophagus Resection, Gastrectomy surgery,Small Intestine and Colon resection,Low anterior rectal Resection-LAR


Step 1.Check the package whether it is OK, then open it, remove   the stapler

Step 2.Turn the adjusting knob counterclockwise until the  anvil is   completely visible

Step 3.Draw the anvil from the pike, insert to the organ   for purse
Circular stapler

Step 4.Turn the adjusting knob clockwise until the pike   deep into the stapler body

Step 5.Insert the stapler into the organ and close the top of the stapler to the part will be anastomased ,Then turn the adjusting knob counterclockwise until the pike appeared completely
Disposable Circular Stapler

Step 6.The anvil shaft snaps into the pike until a clear click is   heard

Step 7.Turn the adjusting knob counterclockwise until the   indicator reaches the green district
surgical staplers

Step 8.Open the safety and squeeze the handle , a clear click   will be heard which indicate finish firing

Step 9.Turn the adjusting knob 3-4 circles, then extract the   stapler slowly

Step 10.Check the anastomosed parts
Surgical stapler


1.After firing, hand holding the handle for 5 seconds for   better model B

2.Make sure the indicator reaches the green area , we can   open the safety and fire

3.When closing, please ensure that no staple, no fat tissue   and other things are involved

4.Please use suitable type stapler in case of strait   anastomosed parts


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